Migri reports rise in cases of human trafficking victims seeking help

Authorities have found cases of exploitation connected with prostitution, forced marriage, and people working in construction, restaurant and cleaning industries.

File picture of Migri logo on glass door / Credit: Migri Twitter

The Finnish Immigration Service Migri reports another rise in the number of victims of human trafficking seeking help with their situation.

Since the beginning of 2020, some 48 people were referred to the Assistance System. The number of people has increased during the same months consistently each year from only 11 in 2016, up to 34 last year. 

According to Migri most of the people who have been exploited abroad are forced into prostitution and labour; while in Finland most of the forced labour exploitation takes place in the restaurant and cleaning industries, but also in construction and in private businesses.

Migri says that sexual exploitation like prostitution and forced marriage has also been uncovered in Finland.

When someone gets in touch with the Assistance System for Victims of Human Trafficking they can receive advice and guidance, access social and healthcare services, find safe accommodation or get help with translations at three centres in Lappeenranta, Helsinki and Oulu.

If someone wants to be returned to their home country, Migri can offer assistance for a voluntary repatriation.