Manhunt for beating suspects in Helsinki nightclub death

Composite image of suspects / Credit: Helsinki Police

Police in Helsinki are searching for several men following the death of another man outside a popular nightclub earlier this month that also left four people injured.

The incident took place in the early hours of Sunday morning 5th July outside Kaivohuone bar and nightclub in the city’s Kaivopuisto park, and police have released pictures of the  suspects, because they don’t yet know their identities.

According to investigators a group of young men were leaving the premises when one of them was hit by another man he didn’t know in the restaurant’s cloakroom.

The dispute continued outside the venue and police say eyewitness accounts plus surveillance video show that a group of men with a foreign background, including the original attacker, continued to hit and kick one man, even as his friends tried to walk away from the escalating situation.

Onlookers attempted to intervene in the beating but were themselves attacked as they tried to help. The man who was assaulted by the group, born in 2001, later died from his injuries.

“Based on the information received at this stage, we have reason to believe several people are suspects in this crime” says Jukka Larkio from Helsinki Police.

“The preliminary investigation will determine the share [of criminal responsibility] of each person involved in the incident” he adds.

The case is being investigated as assault leading to death and police are asking for any eye witnesses to come forward, or send any video or images taken of the incident outside Kaivohuone.