Kuopio sword attack suspect charged with 20 counts of attempted murder

The October 2019 attack left one Ukrainian woman dead and ten other people injured, and police found homemade bombs at the suspect's apartment.

File picture of North Save District Court / Credit: Google Maps

The only suspect in a violent attack at a Kuopio college has been charged with one count of murder and 20 counts of attempted murder.

The sword rampage took place in October 2019 and prosecutors say the man, born in 1994 and officially named as Joel Otto Aukusti Marin, attacked students and staff after first starting a fire at South Savo Vocational College which is located inside Kuopio’s Herman Shopping Centre. Ten people were injured in the attack.

Marin was shot by police and also injured as they apprehended him at the scene. Investigators said he was carrying a saber-type weapon and a firearm when he was detained, and had no prior criminal record. An investigation into the officer-involved shooting concluded that the use of a firearm by police was fully justified to stop the attacker and prevent any further loss of life.

The woman killed in the attack was a Ukrainian citizen born in 1996 who studied at the college. The suspect also studied there.

In the aftermath of the incident police searched Marin’s apartment and found a cache of incentdiary devices, and called in the army to deal with them safely.

The prosecutor in this case says that police who apprehended Marin were also subjected to violence. The trial is due to start in Pohjois-Savo District Court on 8th September and expected to last several days due to the large number of witnesses in the case.