Kuopio sword attack: no action against police for using firearms

Prosecutor says officers were justified in shooting the attacker in an emergency situation to prevent any further loss of life.

File picture showing detail on police uniform / Credit: News Now Finland

Police officers in Kuopio who shot a sword-wielding attacker at a college in early October won’t face any further investigations.

ProsecutorĀ Heidi Savurinne was involved in an initial review of the case based on a technical investigation, a written report and personal interviews – standard procedure when a police officer uses their gun – and she concluded there was no need to open a formal preliminary investigation.

Savurinne says it was an emergency situation where the use of a firearm by police was fully justified to stop the attacker and prevent any further loss of life.

On Tuesday 1st October a man armed with a sword and an air pistol attacked students and teachers at Savo Vocational College in the eastern city. One woman from Ukraine was killed, and nine other people wounded.

Twenty-four year oldĀ Joel Marin, who was also a student at the college, has been formally charged and remanded in custody as the only suspect linked to the attack.

He was shot by officers at the scene and seriously injured. Last Friday he appeared via video link from Kuopio University Hospital to the District Court at his own arraignment hearing.