Kuopio man convicted of racist abuse and threatening language online

The 42-year old is said to be well known and active in right-wing extremist circles, and had also threatened to kill a Helsinki politician.

File pic of computer keyboard with handcuffs and judge's gavel / Credi: iStock

The North Savo District Court in Kuopio has found a local man guilty of posting racially-charged and threatening messages against minority groups on social media.

The 42-year old wrote the posts last autumn on the Russian VKontakte social media site. Since Facebook has started clamping down on far right content, much of it has moved to the Russian service instead.

A police investigation identified eight posts about killing dark-skinned people; shooting people from the Middle East and Africa; and calling all Muslims sex offenders.

The prosecutor also brought a charge over a death threat aimed at Helsinki City Councilor Husu Hussein (SDP) but it was dismissed by the court.

In court the suspect neither confirmed nor denied that he wrote the messages, but Savon Sanomat newspaper reports that the man is well known on social media as one of the most active right-wing extremists in Finland. He has also reportedly taken part in some activities of the banned Nordic Resistance Movement and the Soldiers of Odin vigilante group.

The District Court sentenced the man on Wednesday to a 70-day fine, which comes to €560; and €80 felony charge penalty as well.