Iraqi twins back in court for appeal over ISIS massacre video

Prosecutors aren't sure if one or both of the identical twins appear in an ISIS video showing the murders of 11 people.

File photo of judge holding documents / Credit: iStock

Iraqi twins are back in the Turku Court of Appeal today over allegations they were part of the ISIS terror group and involved in a 2014 massacre.

The men were acquitted of the charges back in 2017 but the prosecutors challenged the verdict. Since then, problems with getting testimony from witnesses in Iraq have caused delays in the appeal process.

Both men faced trial because the prosecution couldn’t tell if one or both of the identical twins appears in the ISIS propaganda video, which shows a man executing 11 people in the Iraqi city of Tikrit.

The two men came to Finland as asylum seekers in 2015, and were arrested the same years after tips from other Iraqis who told police the men had appeared in the video.

A lawyer for the twins says neither of the brothers took part in the killings.

At the appeal trial, witness testimony will be heard from Iraq via video link.