HS: Fresh allegations of sexual harassment at Police College

The allegations are that four female students in the current academic year have made official complaints.

Picture of police tape temporary cordon in Helsinki as part of summit security measures / Credit: News Now Finland

The Police University College in Tampere is investigating fresh allegations of sexual harassment, according to Helsingin Sanomat newspaper.

The paper says female students have made official complaints about the behaviour of some male students.

The allegations include verbal and physical harassment during the current academic year, and while the college won’t say exactly how many female students are involved, Helsingin Sanomat reports there are four complainants.

It’s not the first allegation of harassment at the college recently. In September the prosecutor’s office announced it was looking into the case of a senior instructor suspected of inappropriate behaviour towards female students.

Other suspected cases at the college did not proceed to the prosecution stage.

In March the college reported that half of the new students in that intake were women.