Helsinki shooting incident: police operation underway

The incident is taking place in the capital's Hietaniemenkatu area.

File picture showing detail on police uniform / Credit: News Now Finland

[18:15] Helsinki Police have arrested one person in connection with this afternoon’s shooting incident. They are now investigating it as two attempted murders, but say that the situation in central Helsinki is “calm” and that local residents “are not in danger”. The two people who were injured are not believed to be in critical condition.

[17:30] Police say there is “no acute danger” in the centre of Helsinki and that they’re continuing to investigate an apparent shooting incident on Tuesday afternoon that left two people injured.

[17:10] Helsinki Police say two people have been injured in the shooting incident.

[17:00] Helsinki Police say they’re investigating a shooting incident in the city.

There are reports of three gunshots fired on Hietalahdenkatu, with police cars, an ambulance and fire truck responding to the incident.

Local media says armed officers are on scene, and there are eyewitness reports of one possible victim.

Helsinki Police write on Twitter that they will update with more information when it becomes available.