Helsinki Police Raid Journalist’s Home

Raid comes after President Niinistö and other Ministers called for investigations into whether Helsingin Sanomat broke the law by publishing story with 'classified' documents.

File picture of police van / Credit: News Now Finland

Finnish police have raided the home of a Helsingin Sanomat journalist, apparently without a warrant, after the newspaper published a weekend article about an intelligence-gathering centre in Jyväskylä, based on secret leaked documents.

The paper reports that officers spent four hours on Sunday evening searching the home of Laura Halminen, one of the journalists who wrote Saturday’s story.

They showed up without a court order to authorise such a search, and confiscated phones, computers and memory sticks according to Helsingin Sanomat.

The search comes after President Niinist; and other politicians had called for an investigation into how the documents were leaked and whether Helsingin Sanomat broke the law by publishing them.

Helsingin Sanomat Editor-in-Chief Kaius Niemi writes this morning that the police search on Halminen’s home is “completely exceptional in Finland”.