Helsinki arrests after masked gang raid Espoo chemical warehouse

Helsinki Police say they delayed the departure of a ferry from Olympic Terminal as they searched cabins in an operation connected to the earlier Espoo chemical raid.

File picture showing detail on police uniform / Credit: News Now Finland

Police in Helsinki say they’ve made a number of arrests, and delayed the departure of a ferry from the city’s Olympic terminal, in an operation which is related to an earlier incident in Espoo.

Early Monday afternoon Western Uusimaa Police said they were investigating a raid at a chemical storage facility in Espoo’s Karaportti neighbourhood.

According to police several masked people dressed in dark clothes entered the building in Karapellontie. One of the staff working there at the time was slightly injured in the incident.

Western Uusimaa Police released photographs of two wanted men / Credit: LU Poliisi

Patrol cars responded to the alarm call, but found the premises empty with the suspects gone when they arrived. Espoo police have issued grainy photographs of two people they are looking for in connection with events at Karaportti.

The company listed at that Espoo address is Algol Chemicals Oy, which makes specialty chemicals and polymers for industrial uses.

Helsinki Police search passenger ferry 

Around 16:30 Helsinki Police said they had arrested several people, searched the cabins of a passenger ferry, and delayed its departure.

By 17:30 on Monday night Helsinki Police say their searches have been completed, and officers are leaving the ferry.

We will bring you more information on this incident as it becomes available.