Gruesome details emerge as Kotka homicide trial begins

The accused is a 43-year old Iraqi refugee, and prosecutors say he cut up, and boiled the dead man's body to hide evidence.

File photo of judge holding documents / Credit: iStock

The trial has begun in south east Finland of an Iraqi man accused of a gruesome homicide.

Prosecutors say the 43-year old sawed up the body of a man he met in a refugee reception centre, stripped the flesh from the bones; then boiled some parts on the stove, and cooked other parts in an oven.

“He stored the body in his apartment and then separated the meat, washed the bones and fragmented them into pieces” says prosecutor¬†Hannele Aho.

The bones were then packed into bags with spices and detergent, and were hidden in the accused man’s freezer, and under the floor. Some body parts, including the victim’s head, are still missing but authorities stress they don’t think there were any acts of cannibalism.

During the trial, the prosecution will say that the two men, who originally became friends at a refugee reception centre, met again last August and had a heated argument at the accused apartment. A police patrol came to check what was happening, after being alerted by neighbours, but couldn’t gain entry to the home.

The defence team insists the noises which neighbours heard were screams of shock when the dead man collapsed, suddenly.

Receipts show the accused bought an electric saw and garbage bags from a local department store.

The trial continues.