Friday custody hearing for child death suspect

Suspect has a long history of criminal activity including theft, assault and drink-driving.

File picture of apartment building where the victim lived with his family / Credit: News Now Finland

A custody hearing for a man suspected in the death of a young boy on Christmas Eve will take place on Friday.

Population Centre records show the 36-year old has a home address in Espoo, and didn’t live at the Arabianranta apartment building where the boy was killed.

The primary school-age child was found dead at his home after officers were called around midnight on Christmas Eve. Four police cars and an ambulance attended the scene, and they arrested one man at the scene.

According to neighbours, the boy lived there with his older sister, parents, and grandmother.

Court records show the suspect has a long history of criminal involvement, with a string of convictions for assault, theft and drink driving dating back to his teenage years. He also received a suspended prison sentence back in 2007 for assault.

The detention hearing will take place at Helsinki District Court at 14:00 on Friday, with police requesting continued custody while their investigation into the possible murder is ongoing.