Foreign suspects arrested after Espoo raid, and Helsinki ferry search

A multi-agency investigation is now underway to figure out why the gang raided the Karaportti facility and what their plan was.

Western Uusimaa Police released photographs of two wanted men / Credit: LU Poliisi

Police have arrested a number of foreign nationals as they tried to flee the country by ferry, after a masked gang raided a chemical storage facility in Espoo.

Now the National Bureau of Investigation says they’re investigating a serious drug offense after police operations that involved officers from two different forces.

On Monday lunchtime Western Uusimaa Police responded to an alarm call at Algol Chemicals Oy in Espoo’s Karaportti neighbourhood after reports of a masked gang raiding the chemical storage facility.

One of the staff at Algol Chemicals was slightly injured in the incident and received medical treatment at the scene, but the raiders had already left when officers arrived.

Several hours later police in Helsinki delayed the departure of a ferry at Olympic Terminal while they searched cabins on board.

Police arrested several people – all foreign nationals – and seized a large amount of drugs, as the suspects were trying to leave the country.

The case is being investigated, but authorities say Algol Chemicals are not suspected to be involved in the crimes.