Customs seize thousands of smuggled tablets

Two men - from Hungary and Romania - are in custody in connection with the drugs bust.

Subutex tablets seized by Finnish Customs agents in May 2019 / Credit: Suomen Tulli

Customs agents have seized more than 4000 Subutex tablets that were smuggled from France and Hungary via Estonia into Finland.

Details of the May drug bust are only now being revealed, and Customs says they were hidden in packets of breakfast cereal and porridge.

Two men are suspected of bringing the drugs to Finland, which have a street value of €160,000. They’re also thought to have smuggled in another shipment earlier in 2019 with a street value of €80,000.

Subutex, a brand name of the drug buprenorphine, is an opioid usually prescribed as a treatment for opioid addiction or chronic pain relief. Used recreationally, it induces a high for people who take it.

One of the suspects is from Romania, and the other from Hungary. They are both detained in custody as the legal case proceeds. It’s expected to go to the prosecutor’s office in Helsinki later this month when the pre-trial investigation is completed.