Customs reveals details of snus smuggling operation

Two 30-year old men are now facing charges including smuggling and money laundering.

Picture of some snus smuggled to Finland from Sweden / Credit: Tulli

Finnish Customs Tulli says they’ve busted a snus smuggling ring that brought more than 2,200kg of tobacco to the capital city region, and avoided almost €850,000 in excise duties.

It’s described as being one of the biggest snus smuggling cases that Tulli has ever investigated.

Officials say the snus was brought from northern Sweden into Finland in more than 30 smuggling runs starting last summer and continuing up to the start of 2019.

The tobacco was distributed to customers in the Helsinki region through customers who ordered it on social media.

Tulli first caught on to the operation back in January when about 150kg was found in a car used by two 30-year old men, who are now facing charges of tax fraud as well as smuggling and possibly money laundering offenses in connection to their alleged snus operation.

The case will be transferred soon to the Lapland prosecutor’s office.