Charges for two suspects in Helsinki “Eno” child sex case

The suspects have denied the charges, but police say there were dozens of crimes committed against 19 women, many of whom were under age at the time.

Detail from police photograph of 'Eno' suspect / Credit: Helsinki Police

Prosecutors have charged two people in connection with a series of sex abuse crimes against young girls.

A 64-year old man known as “Eno” and an accomplice are facing dozens of charges including aggravated rape, aggravated sexual abuse and drugs offenses against 19 women, and most of them were under age when the alleged offenses took place.

In July, police released a picture of the main suspect, who was arrested at his home in east Helsinki’s Laajasalo neighbourhood in March.

At the time, police asked for anyone else to come forward who may have been offered alcohol and drugs in his apartment over a period from 2006 to early 2019. The public appeal brought in many calls to the hotline, and police were able to follow up a number of new leads.

The case is likely to be held behind closed doors and both defendants have denied the charges.