‘Blue light sabotage’ warning after Porvoo police shooting

File picture showing detail on police uniform / Credit: News Now Finland

The chair of the Finnish Police Federation SPJL has warned of a new phenomenon known as ‘blue light sabotage’ in the aftermath of a weekend shooting incident that left two police officers wounded in Porvoo.

The term has come to be regularly used in Sweden, where there have been numerous incidents of police being called to bogus incidents, and then being targeted with stones or fireworks.

One line of investigation currently being looked at in connection with the Porvoo attack is whether the officers were lured to the light industrial estate by the suspects, with the sole purpose of shooting them.

File picture of Jonne Rinne, Chairman of the Finnish Police Federation SPJL / Credit: SPJL

It’s a phenomenon that’s been taking place in France and Central Europe and especially in Sweden, our nearest neighbors” explains Jonne Rinne, Chairman of the Finnish Police Federation.

“It means [criminals] are using force against authorities with blue lights whether police, fire, ambulance or paramedics. They are calling the alarm centre saying someone is hurt, and help should come immediately and when the police arrive they get ambushed” he tells News Now Finland.

“Blue light sabotage is harassment, and preventing first responders doing their jobs. But in Porvoo if the suspects meant to actually kill them, it’s not just blue light sabotage, it’s attempted murder” Rinne says.

Suspects in custody

Two brothers are currently in police custody in connection with the Porvoo attack, and officers have until Wednesday at 12 noon to hold them or file an extension request. Investigators have said they are likely to be arraigned on several counts of attempted murder.

One of the brothers has Swedish nationality, the other has dual Swedish and Finnish citizenship.

Finnish media reports that the older man went to school in Porvoo until eighth grade when his family moved to Sweden, and that they’d been living in a motel near where the shooting took place for several weeks.

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