12-year old boy leads police on high speed car chase

Four young people were injured in the crash which followed a dangerously fast race to escape police.

Map showing Tornio in Lapland / Credit: Google Maps

A 12-year old boy in Tornio has lead police on a high speed car chase, with the vehicle clocking speeds of more than 150km per hour.

It happened in the early hours of Sunday morning in the northern city’s downtown area. A police patrol saw the vehicle parked at the side of the road and when they approached, the driver sped away.

The police car gave pursuit, and although it was going at 150km per hour, the car with a 12-year old behind the wheel was going even faster. Police lost the car in rainy weather, with wet roads making driving even more treacherous.

When police caught up with the car they found it crashed off the road at Ruonajärventie in Tornio. The vehicle had collided with a two metre high sandbank, apparently sailed through the air for another 10 to 15 metres, before hitting a tree, according to Lapland police.

Rescue services had to cut a 16-year old girl and boy from the wreckage, and search dogs found another 14-year old boy a short distance away in a field.

The 12-year old driver was apprehended by officers near the scene of the crash and given a breath test which came back negative.

All of the occupants in the car were taken to hospital for further treatment in Oulu and Kemi, and although police are investigating what happened, the driver would not be criminally liable due to his age.