WATCH: Vintage Helsinki tram gets a new lease of life

They're an iconic part of Helsinki's history - now one classic tram carriage is serving a different purpose in a new home.


A vintage Helsinki tram is getting a new lease of life.

It was one of a number of carriages that were donated to different projects in the capital city region, and recently arrived at Teurastamo in east Helsinki, where it’s come into the care of Helsinki Distilling Company.

The distinctive classic green and gold tram carriage is complete with original signs and wooden trim; red leather seats; a standing position for the driver at the front and a place at the back where a conductor would collect money, open the doors, and issue tickets for passengers.

In the future, it’s going to serve quite a different purpose.

“It’s here for events, it can be science, art related, movie nights” explains Anssi Mäkelä from Helsinki Distilling Company.

There’s not very much that can be done to change the interior of the tram, in order to preserve its original fixtures and fittings, but it could also become an extension of the distillery’s popular Tislaamo bar and restaurant.

In the future, there could also be plans to install virtual reality technology, so tram ‘passengers’ can experience a ride through the city and learn more about the history of distilling in the capital, without ever having to leave Teurastamo’s yard.

“I feel that this could actually become an extension to our tours, and maybe there’s something history related about Helsinki, and distilling in Helsinki. It could be really nice” says Mäkelä.

The tram will be open to visitors from the middle of May.