Small town hits the jackpot with huge lottery win

Each player in the small town has won around €2 million in the Eurojackpot draw.

File picture of lottery balls / Credit: Veikkaus

The small Finnish town of Siilijärvi – or Hedgehog Lake in English – has dozens of new millionaires after striking gold with a big lottery win.

A syndicate of 50 players each put €10 regularly into the pot to buy Eurojackpot tickets and were rewarded when their numbers landed Finland’s biggest ever win of €92 million.

The winning ticket was bought at a K-Supermarket store in the town of just under 22,000 inhabitants last Tuesday. The winning numbers were drawn on Friday.

Some of the syndicate members have told local media they plan to continue life as normal, but with some home improvements, gifts of cash to grandchildren and a nice holiday in their futures.