Recommended reading: books spark imagination during autumn holidays

National Education Agency is encouraging young readers to post pictures of the book adventures on social media during the school break.

Detail of books in the new Oodi Central Library / Credit: News Now Finland

The pages of a book can transport its reader to other countries, other times or other worlds, and that’s why the Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI is encouraging school students to read during the autumn holiday break.

A trip into the world of books, says EDUFI, is more ecological than traditional ways of travelling.

“Invite your friends, your family, your teammates and your class on a journey in the book world. Read a book together and discuss its themes” suggests EDUFI’s Pia Lumme.

The organisation is also encouraging students to post pictures or a story about their reading adventures on social media.

The autumn school holiday started on Monday for many school children, with the one week vacation staggered either this week or next week in different parts of the country.

Today is the turn of pupils in Helsinki, Tampere, Vaasa, Joensuu, Jyväskylä and Kajaani to start their holidays.