Radio Metallica on repeat for 24 hours

The band's new tour comes to Hämeenlinna next July.

Metallica at the end of their Helsinki gig in May 2018 at Hartwall Arena / Credit: Metallica Instagram

Rock band Metallica announced their summer 2019 tour dates today, and Finland is once again a stop on their travels.

To celebrate the event, Finnish rock radio station Radio City has renamed itself Radio Metallica, and playing only Metallica songs for the next 24 hours.

So if you’re a fan of such hits as Enter Sandman, Turn The Page or Nothing Else Matters then there’s a good chance you’ll hear your favourite coming up on the playlist soon.

Radio City’s station chief Jani Rajalin says it’s a huge honour for them to cooperate with the band.

“We’re working together with Livenation, who brings the band here, and we decided to celebrate this good news of Metallica coming back by playing their songs the whole day” he tells News Now Finland.

Previously, Metallica tried singing in Finnish, and Jani Rajalin is pretty sure something special will happen next year as well.

“We’ll definitely send our ideas to their management, and see what surprise songs come in the concert” he says.

Metallica has sold more than 125 million albums worldwide since they formed at the beginning of the 1980s.

They last played Helsinki in May this year and will be back in Finland at Hämeenlinna on 16th July 2019 as part of the new Worldwired tour.

The band are known for their generosity to local charities, and this year donated €25,000 in Helsinki.