President’s Official Pixel Picture Unveiled

New work features contributions by 100 artists, and will hang in the Presidential Room of the Government palace.

New official portrait of President Niinistö / Credit: TPK

The official portrait of Finland’s 12th president has been unveiled, and it’s a departure from tradition.

The new work of art is made up of one hundred mosaics, each designed by a different young Finnish artists. The contributing artists are graphic designers, sculptors, painters, video artists, performance artists and photographers.

The portrait was ordered by the Government and will hang in the Presidential Room of the Government Palace.

The walls of the Presidential Room and its waiting room have portraits of the previous presidents as well. The producers of the portrait, Atro Linnavirta and Anita Naukkarinen were both selected by the president.

The new artwork was designed in the spirit of ‘Together’, the theme of Finland’s 100th anniversary celebrations.

President Niinistö was first photographed, then the photo was divided into one hundred parts that were distributed to the artists which Niinistö selected.

The artists were given artistic freedom to interpret their own part of the artwork, and they worked independently without seeing each other’s work. The completed parts were assembled to form the new portrait.

Members of the public will be able to see the new official portrait when it goes on display at Helsinki’s Ateneum Art Museum in June.