Panda birthday as Pyry turns six

The black-and-white bear celebrated with a special cake baked by Ähtäri Zoo keepers.

File picture of one of Ähtäri Zoo's resident pandas, Pyry / Credit: Ähtäri Zoo

One of the pandas at Ähtäri Zoo is having a birthday, as Pyry turns six years old on Wednesday.

Zoo keepers marked the event with a cake baked with ingredients that Pyry enjoys – carrot, apple, bamboo and frozen bilberry juice.

The male panda arrived from China with female Lumi in early 2018 and there are hopes now they might start to show an interest in breeding.

Pandas mature at age 4-8 and although the two bears are kept apart, they could be introduced during Lumi’s short fertility period next spring.

The pandas have proved to be quite a tourist attraction to the remote zoo, bringing in 275,000 visitors – a record high.

However, this year visitor numbers are down 20% but as July is traditionally the busiest month for visitors the zoo is hoping to see an increase.

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