National Ballet Removes Director Over ‘Inappropriate’ Comments

Sold-out gala to commemorate dancer's decade in Finland will go ahead as planned in May.

File picture of Finnish National Ballet Artistic Director Kenneth Greve / Credit: Finnish National Ballet

The Finnish National Ballet says it has removed Artistic Director Kenneth Greve from his supervisory role over dancers, after complaints were made about his conduct.

The allegations say Greve, who has been the FNB’s director for the last ten years, made inappropriate comments regarding the appearance and personal lives of dancers.

The National Ballet says it doesn’t accept the use of inappropriate language, and that the organisation has clear operating models for its prevention. Greve will continue as Artistic Director on paper, but won’t be leading rehearsals or have any supervisory contact with dancers until he leaves his job in July.

“For the well-being of the working community, the decision to remove him from supervisory roles was between me and Kenneth Greve. This is a very unfortunate situation. Despite this, we continue to appreciate the meritorious work done by Greve at the National Ballet” says Director General Gita Kadambi.

Greve says he is extremely upset about the situation, but that he is “passionate” about his work.

“Please forgive me” he writes in a press release. “I hope this will not hurt the reputation and future of the National Ballet in Finland” he adds.

Greve Gala Continues

Kenneth Greve, who comes from Denmark, is due to leave his post anyway at the National Ballet after ten years, in the summer.

A sold-out gala to mark his decade of dance in Finland will go ahead as scheduled in May.

The dancer brought many original works to Finland, including The Little Mermaid, Scheherazade, and The Snow Queen.

He had previously announced that he would move to France, where his wife is from, after leaving Finland.