Museum visitor numbers set new record

From the most popular museum in the country in Helsinki, to a much smaller museum in Inari, attendances hit record heights in 2019.

File picture of Kiasma Museum Helsinki at night / Credit: iStock

The number of people visiting museums in Finland continues to grow, and in 2019 reached a new high.

According to new figures from the National Board of Antiquities, around 7.6 million visits were made to professionally-run museums last year. The number is up more than half a million from the year before.

The top five most popular museums are all located in the capital:

It wasn’t just museums in the capital which posted record-breaking numbers. The Sámi Museum Siida in Inari also set its own record with close to 49,000 visitors last year.

“Museums talk about culture, especially about humaniuty. The world is unstable and fragmented, but museums are stable” says Museum Director Sari Valkonen.

“It’s wonderful that people in these hectic times take the time to come to museums” she adds.

The National Board of Antiquities compiled their statistics from 153 professionally managed museums that maintain more than 300 museum sites around the country.