More local news in English for the capital city region

News Now Finland has partnered with three of the biggest regional newspapers in the capital city to bring more journalism in English to readers each month.

Composite picture showing Länsiväylä, Helsingin Uutiset and Vantaan Sanomat / Credit: News Now Finland

If you’ve opened the pages of Helsingin UutisetVantaan Sanomat or Länsiväylä newspapers recently you might have noticed something new.

We’ve partnered with publisher Etelä-Suomen Media Oy to cooperate on sharing journalism content – so at the end of each month you can find some of our relevant articles in the print edition of the newspapers, as well as some English-language versions of their own stories.

File picture of Helsingin Uutiset news in English from 26th October 2019 / Credit: ESMO

The popular free newspapers are delivered twice weekly to homes in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, and are both an important outlet for local advertisers, and an important source of information for their communities.

“These three newspapers provide a valuable service in local journalism, where increasingly people want to know what’s going on in their own neighbourhoods. It’s an exciting opportunity for us to partner with Etelä-Suomen Media Oy on this project which makes their journalism, and our journalism, accessible to even more people in the metropolitan area” says David Mac Dougall, Managing Editor at News Now Finland.

“With News Now Finland content shared to Helsingin Uutiset, Vantaan Sanomat and Länsiväylä audiences, our journalism reaches 235,000 more people in the capital city region each month” he adds.

News Now Finland launched in September 2017 to produce more original, independent journalism about Finland in English.

File picture showing Länsiväylä newspaper news in English, 26th October 2019 / Credit: ESMO