Minna Canth Day Celebrated With New Audio Books

Writer championed women's rights, feminism and other important social topics of the mid-1800s.

File picture of Minna Canth / Credit: Wikipedia

Finland is marking a day of equality, and the birthday of author and social influencer Minna Canth.

She is the first Finnish woman to have her own flag day, which has been celebrated since 2007.

Now, four of Canth’s short stories are being made available as audio books by Finnish company Storytel ahead of the 175th anniversary of Canth’s birth in 2019.

“We are excited about the celebration of the jubilee year, and Canth was a bold and inspiring writer whose texts, equality and fairness, will never expire” says Storytel’s Mari Wärri.

Canth’s Life In Literature

Minna Canth was born in Tampere in 1844 and studied to be a teacher, but the author, playwright and journalist spent much of her life living in Jyväskylä and Kuopio.

She started running a small business when her husband died, and this supported Canth and her seven children, enabling her to indulge in a love of literature.

Writing in Finnish and Swedish she championed women’s rights, feminism and other important social topics of the day.

Plans to celebrate her 175th anniversary next year are already underway, with First Lady Jenni Haukio acting as patron of the events.