Metallica amp up their visit with children’s charity donation

The rock group has a track record of generous charity donations and it's not the first time they've given money to a Finnish organisation.

Members of Metallica hand over a donation to Hope Ry, 16th July 2019 / Credit: Hope Ry

Rock group Metallica played in Hämeenlinna on Tuesday night as part of their Worldwired tour, and took the time to make a generous donation to a local charity.

The group gave a cheque for €55,000 to Hope Ry, a Helsinki-based charity with branches around the country which works with underprivileged children.

The musicians met with the charity organisation before their concert, to learn more about their work which involves distributing clothing and other essential items to children in need, or families going through a crisis.

Hope also helps provide leisure and hobby activities to children and other young people and last year helped more than 8000 families and close to 20,000 children with their outreach efforts which include taking children to the cinema, concerts or other excursions.

Metallica are known for their generosity to local charities, and donated €25,000 to the Hursti Foundation when they played Helsinki’s Hartwall Arena in May 2018.

The band has sold more than 125 million albums worldwide since they formed at the beginning of the 1980s.