Green MP sells Löyly sauna stake to Vikings actor

Antero Vartia says he'll use the money to fund projects that help tackle climate change.

File picture showing aerial shot of Löyly sauna, bar and restaurant in Helsinki / Credit: Löyly Facebook

Green Alliance MP Antero Vartia is selling his share in one of Helsinki’s hottest tourist attractions to his business partner, actor Jasper Pääkkönen.

The duo helped finance the Löyly waterfront sauna, bar and restaurant complex which opened for business in 2016. But now politician Vartia says it’s time to sell up, and use his money for other things.

“We were driven forward by intuition, and an idea of creating something unique, lasting, and valuable” Vartia writes in a Facebook post.

“And having this same intuition, I’ve sold me share of Löyly to Jasper to invest in something new and valuable” he says.

Vartia says his reason for selling to Vikings actor Pääkkönen is so that he can invest his money to tackle climate change.

“This time I’m not investing in a building but instead for work to tackle climate change” he says.

The Löyly project is already an environmental marvel, built with sustainable wood in an under-developed part of the city, and powered by solar and wind. Since it opened it’s become a firm favourite with visitors to the Finnish capital and local residents alike.

Earlier this year Vartia and Pääkkönen reported that they were planning to expand their award-winning complex to keep up with demand.

Löyly was recently named one of Time magazine’s ‘Greatest Places 2018‘.