Finland’s Most Popular Baby Names Announced

Latest data shows the country's most popular names - and how they've changed in the last 100 years.

File picture of baby under a blanket / Credit: iStock

Are you an Aino or Leo? Maybe an Ellen or William?

The Population Register Center says these were the most popular names for children, given by Finnish-speaking and Swedish-speaking parents.

Popular Finnish-Speaking Names

After Aino, the most popular first names for girls were Eevi, Emma, Sofia and Aada last year.

The most popular names for boys after Leo were Elias, Eino, Väinö and Onni.

Popular Swedish-Speaking Names

For boys with Swedish-speaking parents after William the most popular names were Emil, Liam, Edvin and Elliot.

And for girls, after Ellen, Saga, Emma, Linné and Wilma were the most popular.

The information was compiled based on the names of 52,020 infants born in Finland last year, who had been named by 15th March 2018.

There were a total of 25,485 girls named, and 26,535 boys.

A Century Of Finnish Names

So how have name trends changed in the last 100 years of Finnish independence?

Records from 1910 – 1918 show some of the popular names for boys are still quite familiar now, like Ilmari and Johannes. Other names that were popular a century ago, that have fallen out of fashion somewhat, include Toivo, Veikko, Armas, Väinö and Tauno.

Meanwhile a hundred years ago for Finnish girls Aino, Maria and Anna were some of the most popular names. But others are less common these days like Tyyne, Aune, Aili and Helmi.