Finlandia Hall bathed in blue to honour healthcare workers

There has been some criticism of the move as an empty gesture from some people who would prefer to see better salaries and more protective equipment for healthcare staff.

File picture of Finlandia Hall in blue lights, April 2020 / Credit: City of Helsinki

Finlandia Hall is one of the most famous architectural landmarks in the Finnish capital, and now it’s acting as a symbol of thanks for a grateful city.

Starting on Saturday night, and continuing every evening after dark, the Alvar Aalto-designed building will glow dark blue as a way to honour the front line healthcare professionals tackling the coronavirus crisis.

“We honor those in the nursing staff and other critical areas who work during the coronavirus crisis by lighting Finlandia Hall blue every night when it gets dark” says Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori (NCP).

While the gesture of support for medical workers is meant sincerely, there was online criticism from some of those staff saying instead of lighting up a city landmark, it would be better to pay healthcare staff better wages, or ensure they had adequate levels of the right sort of protective gear as they work to keep the coronavirus pandemic under control.