€17 million coronavirus grants for orchestras, museums and theatres

The money will be used to stave off redundancies, and help organisations start new services, and compensate for loss of revenue this year.

File picture showing exterior of Finnish National Theatre, Helsinki, June 2019 / Credit: iStock

Finland’s arts and culture sector, hard hit by the downturn in visitors and events during the coronavirus crisis this year, is getting a €17 million boost from the government.

The Ministry of Education and Culture has earmarked the money for museums, theatres, national art institutions and orchestras including the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, the National Gallery and the Finnish National Theatre.

The money will be used to compensate venues for losses, to restart and develop operations like digital services, and to stave off redundancies, according to the ministry.

“In addition to financial losses, it is about mental well-being. We need the joy and the experiences that museums, music, theater, dance and other forms of culture bring to our lives” says Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saarikko (Centre).

“We want to ensure that there are conditions for organizing them in the future as well and help the actors to survive the difficult coronavirus times” she adds.

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