Donald Duck’s Ateneum Art On Display

Finland's cartoon favourite gets a gallery exhibit during the Suomi 100 celebrations.

'Ducklings Playing On The Shore' by ALbert Eiderfelt / Credit: Ateneum Art Museum

One of Finland’s most loved cartoon characters is getting a highbrow makeover.

Aku Ankka – Donald Duck – comics have been published in Finland for more than 60 years, and have become a treasured part of childhood.

From today, Helsinki’s Ateneum Art Museum will showcase a special exhibit of paintings from the ‘National Gallery of Duckburg’ at their Stories of Finnish Art exhibition which runs until February next year.

“The classics of Finnish art live and influence our visual culture every single day” says Susanna Pettersson, Ateneum’s Director.

“Memorable works of art such as the Mona Lisa or, say, The Fighting Capercaillies, have always inspired other artists and lent themselves to new interpretations. The works from the ‘National Gallery of Duckburg’ are a delightful example of this” she adds.

The works of the ‘National Gallery of Duckburg’ have been produced as a collaborative effort by several Finnish cartoonists at the Aku Ankka magazine. r

Visitors to the exhibit can see original sketches of the Donald Duck paintings on display, and sit in his car which is also on display at Ateneum.

“The Aku Ankka magazine has been published in Finland since 1951, and has during this time quacked its way deep into Finnish culture” explains magazine Editor-in-Chief Aki Hyyppå.

“In the past, we have focused on playing with language, this has been a fun opportunity to play with the national imagery that all Finns are familiar with” he says.