Culture vultures: Museokortti triples the cardholder’s museum visits

Since the Museokortti was introduced, museum visitor numbers have been on the rise.

File picture showing Museum Card

People who buy a Museum Card Museokortti go to museums three times more than people without one.

That’s the findings of a large new survey carried out by researchers at Aalto University in Espoo, into the habits of people with the card.

“If someone has a museum card, museum visits will roughly triple […] owning a museum card influences the culture of using museums” explains postdoctoral researcher Juho-Petteri Huhtala.

People who currently own museum cards say they visit museums almost 13 times per year. Without a card, their visits would drop to less than a third of that.

Even people who used to have a museum card still go more than average, about 3.4 times per year, but that number of visits would also almost triple to 10.5 times per year if they updated their card.

The Museokortti was introduced in 2015 and for €69 per year, card holders get entry to 300 museums around the country. The individual museum gets reimbursed for each visit by a museum card holder.

The scheme has been considered a huge success, with museums seeing increased visitor numbers each year since the card launched.

Around 185,000 people have a valid museum card in Finland, where seven million museum visits were made last year alone – a new record high.