Presidential Election: Advance Voting Ends Today

Turnout for early voting has been highest in Pori, lowest in Åland and Helsinki.

File picture of vote being cast in Finnish election / Credit:

Today is the last day to vote in advance in the presidential election.

Early voting has been open since Wednesday 17th January, and the next chance to vote is on election day itself.

According to the Ministry of Justice, there are more than 4.2million people in Finland entitled to vote in the election. As of this morning, 30% of eligible voters had cast their ballots early.

So far, early turnout has been hightest in Satakunta region in the southwest and the city of Pori, where 36.8% of people have already voted.

Early turnout has been lowest in Åland at 10.4% and in Helsinki with 26.4%.

If you plan to vote today, you will need to take a photo ID like a driving license or passport. There are hundreds of advance polling stations around the country, in places like shopping centres and libraries.