Posti Hires Thousands for Christmas Rush

Pop-up parcel spots will offer work opportunities across the country.

File photo at a post office / Credit: Posti

The post office will hire 3,500 seasonal workers this Christmas, to cope with the annual increase in Christmas mail.

Half of the temporary staff Posti will be set to work sorting Christmas cards and parcels in depots.

The other half of the workers will be tasked with transport, distribution and delivery jobs.

Students will be hired to work at 130 new pop-up parcel locations, all across the country. They need to be 18 years old and are usually required to speak Finnish.

Busiest Time

Christmas is traditionally the busiest time of year in Finland, and last year Finns sent 29 million Christmas cards.

In 2016 a record 34 million parcels went through the post and it got busier during the Christmas shopping period.