Morning Headlines: Wednesday 4th April 2018

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Three Dead In Early Overnight Fire 

A family of three were killed in an overnight fire at their Kotka home. The rescue service says parents and their son were killed in the blaze. The alarm was raised just before midnight, and a total of 11 fire units responded to the one-storey building in Soommeenkatu. Neighbouring homes weren’t put in danger by the fire, and nobody was evacuated from those nearby residences. Investigators are looking into the cause of the blaze but say it’s too soon to know if it was started deliberately or by accident.

Finland’s First Baby Born To Its Father 

A Finnish man has become the first person in the country to give birth to his own child. Lännen Media group had previously reported last autumn the man was pregnant, and today confirmed the child was born in March. The baby weighed 4kg and was 53cm long at birth. The child’s father used to be a woman, but had gone through the gender reassignment process the previous year, and received a male ID code. However, he was still biologically able to become pregnant and carry a child to full term. There were reportedly some bureaucratic problems along the way, as the Finnish healthcare systems don’t recognise a situation where a pregnant woman has a male ID.

Report: Supreme Administrative Court President Criticises Aliens Act

The President of the Supreme Administrative Court (KHO) has used an interview in Helsingin Sanomat to criticise 2016 changes to the Aliens Act. Pekka Vihervuori says it didn’t improve the legal protection of asylum seekers in Finland. Legislative changes, among other things, restricted KHO’s options to take up an asylum case already settled by administrative law. KHO had previously told the Ministry of Justice that changes to the Aliens Act undermine the legal protection of asylum seekers.

President Gives Civil War Lecture

President Sauli Niinistö will be talking about the Civil War today at an event in Tampere. It’s part of commemorations to mark the 100th anniversary of Finland’s short but bloody civil war. At today’s event, President Niinistö will talk about reconciliation, and afterwards tour an exhibition about the Civil War at Vapriikki Museum. Later in the year, President Niinistö will attend other commemorations of the war, including in Niva and Turku.

Wednesday Morning Weather

It’s a bright and sunny start to Wednesday across the whole country, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. And it’s also the last cold day before temperatures start to warm up as we head towards the weekend. In Lapland, temperatures range between -3°C and -8°C with a chance of snow in the far north. In Central Finland the temperature will sit around -6°C this morning, and slightly warmer at -4°C along the eastern border. In the south west, expect temperatures at -1°C with Åland starting the day above freezing. Meanwhile for the capital city region, it will be sunny and -7°C.