Morning Headlines: Wednesday 23rd May 2018

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Hazardous Substance In Vantaa Supermarket

Rescue crews are working at a Vantaa supermarket to clean up a toxic substance. The Citymarket at Myyrmanni shopping centre is closed after a toxic vapour started coming from the flooring material. It’s spread to other parts of the shopping centre, and can cause skin irritation and respiratory symptoms. According to fire fighters, the vapour spread is not “super toxic” but is a highly irritating substance, and the shopping centre will remain closed while clean up continues.

One Dead After Oulu Fire

One man is dead after a Tuesday night fire in the Oulunsalo neighbourhood of Oulu. The house was completely destroyed in the blaze. The alarm was raised about 21:00 and rescue crews found the building fully engulfed when they got to the scene. Fireman Mikko Heikkilä says the structure burned down in just one hour, but did not spread to surrounding buildings.

90 People Sick In Food Poisoning Outbreak

A food poisoning outbreak in Helsinki has left 90 people sick from a hospital and elderly care centre. Public health officials suspect the outbreak is centered on a a care facility in Koskela, and at Laakso Hospital, where the sick people ate on Sunday and Monday, however the exact cause of the food poisoning has not yet been confirmed. By Tuesday night 59 people were sick at Laakso Hospital and 31 at Koskela. Symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea, and the City of Helsinki is investigating the outbreak, taking samples from both locations as well as from food.

Finnish Farms Enjoy Early Summer Boost

Finland’s farmers are basking in the hot summer weather at the moment, and it’s good for their crops. Strawberries grown in fields will come to market much sooner than usual, well in advance of Midsummer, while crops like lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and onions will thrive in the warm conditions and enjoy an earlier harvest season. But farmers caution that too much sunshine and hot weather can be a bad thing. The crops need rain as well, and if we don’t get some soon, there is a risk of drought conditions in some parts of Finland. Read more at our original story here.

Wednesday Morning Weather

It’s a cooler start to Wednesday than we’ve been enjoying recently, although there’s still a lot of sun and warmth about, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast. By Friday and Saturday the hotter temperatures are back again, but by Sunday expect things to cool down once more.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 23rd May 2018 / Credit: FMI