Morning Headlines: Wednesday 21st February 2018

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1000 Days Of Juha Sipilä’s Government

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä reaches a milestone today, exactly one thousand days in office leading the country. When he came to power, Sipilä’s centre-right coalition had huge problems to tackle mostly with they economy. There were political speed bumps in the road as well to face, especially when coalition partners The Finns Party split in half. So how has Sipilä coped for the last thousand days? We talked to party leaders, policy experts and political insiders to take a balanced look. Read more analysis in our original story here.

Ombudsman Attacks Children & Family Rights Provisions 

Finland’s Ombudsman for Children says the country has an inability to make solid long-term family policies. According to Tuomas Kurttila, child and family policies are confused, fragmented and short-sighted. The Ombudsman issued a report today on Finland’s family policies and the state of children’s welfare to Parliament. According to the report, the majority of Finnish children can do well, but social and regional inequality is strong. Problems accumulates in certain families and lasts from generation to generation. Kurttila says that problems are being identified, but the right solutions aren’t being found, and that the overall picture is missing major structural reform. The Ombudsman considers that planned reforms focus too much on employment and that the perspective of children and families has been neglected. Kurttila argues that Finland should be developing a national strategy for child policy, based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Olympic Update: Figure Skating, Big Air, Ice Hockey

Finnish figure skater Emmi Peltonen has booked her place in the free programme skate in Pyeongchang. In the short programme she scored 55.28 putting her easily in the top 30 skaters who advance to the final. Peltonen wrote on Twitter that she felt relaxed on the ice. Unfortunately there’s no Finnish snowboarders in the final of the Olympic big air competition. In the second qualifying round Roope Tonerti, Kalle Järvilehto and Peetu Piiroinen were all knocked out of contention. Rene Rinnekangas had already been eliminated after the first qualifying round. And both the men’s and women’s ice hockey teams are in action today in South Korea. The women play for a bronze medal against the Russians. That game starts at 09:40 Finnish time. And in the afternoon, the men take on Canada for a spot in the semi finals.

Wednesday Morning Weather

The weather across the country stays sunny and bright but bitterly cold according to meteorologists at FMI. But it could be about to get much colder! In the south this morning temperatures range from -10°C to -15°C in the capital city region. Along the eastern border it will be colder at -18°C to -24°C while on the west coast -8°C in Åland to -20°C in Oulu. Central Finland will see temperatures in the -25°C range while Lapland enjoys a lot of sunshine with temperatures down to -31°C this morning. There’s snow forecast in many parts of the country today from north to south and get ready for another drop in temperatures next week. FMI says a northeasterly cold stream will arrive in Finland at the beginning of next week and could lower the temperature down to -30°C even in the south of the country.