Morning Headlines: Wednesday 14th February 2018

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Death In Detention: New Details Of Mental Health Toll On Detainees

Moroccan Osama Jebari had told fellow detainees at Joutseno that he planned to kill himself, before finally taking his own life at the end of January. Human rights activists and mental health professionals say people in detention centres, awaiting deportation back to their country of origin, are much more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD and have suicidal tendencies than other prisoners or asylum seekers. We spoke with three men inside Joutseno Detention Centre waiting to be deported, who detail the mental health toll it’s taking on them. Read more at our original story here.

Dramatic Escape From Mikkeli Fire

Two people have jumped from their balconies to escape a fire that tore through an apartment building in Mikkeli late Tuesday night. According to rescue service personnel, residents from 23 apartment buildings were evacuated after the fire broke out. They were taken to temporary accommodation and treated for smoke inhalation. The fire started in an apartment on the second floor and two people there had to jump to safety. The alarm was raised about half past midnight, and firefighters cleared the scene by 03:00 this morning.

Russian Numbers Rising In Finland

The number of Russian-speaking people in Finland continues to grow. A new report by the Cultura Foundation show’s that Finland’s Russian-speaking population grows by about 3,000 people every year. The main reason they come is family-related, but patterns are hard to predict. The number of Russian students coming to Finland in recent years has dropped, while the number of Russians claiming asylum has grown.


Wednesday Morning Weather

It’s a much more mild day across the whole country according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. In Lapland, temperatures will be as warm as -1C in places, with snow forecast. Moving into Central Finland, there’s more snow set to fall but it could be wet as temperatures hover just above and just below freezing. It’s overcast in coastal areas and the eastern border, with the capital city region starting the day at 0C.