Morning Headlines: Wednesday 11th April 2018

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MTV Chief Held In Sex Video Investigation

Police in east Finland are investigating whether a senior boss at Finland’s MTV commercial television channel secretly filmed sexual encounters with four women. Authorities say their investigation is at an early stage and they’re not sure if the videos were made with, or without, the consent of the women involved. Police investigator Mikko Minkkinen says the man has admitted the acts, but their investigation continues in case there are more victims. MTV’s Managing Director Jarkko Nordlund says the company learned about the investigation on Tuesday, and the suspect has been let go pending the criminal investigation. Nordlund says the company has zero tolerance for sexual exploitation, harassment, bullying or subjugation of another person, and adds the employee has openly acknowledged that the suspicions of his free time filming activities are accurate.

Government Budget Talks Continue 

Finland’s government coalition will continue their talks on the 2019 budget today at the Prime Minister’s official residence Kesäranta. They’re focusing in particular on improving employment and reducing inequalities. There’s an expectation that more money will be available for training for unemployed people to better match the jobs available on the market.

Economy Indicators

The Institute for Employees this morning predicts that Finland’s economic growth will accelerate during 2018. According to the latest forecast, gross domestic product will rise to 3.1% from 2.6% last year. The Institute estimates that the government’s target of raising the unemployment rate to 72% will be achieved next year, however they note that the number of people out of work is only slowly decreasing.

Turku Attack Victims In Court

Several victims of last August’s knife attack in Turku will be heard in court today at Finland’s first ever terror trial. One of them, Hassan Zubier was stabbed while trying to help a woman who had also been attacked, is now in a wheelchair due to the injuries he sustained. The defendant in the trial, an asylum seeker from Morocco, has been accused of two terror-inspired murders, and eight attempted murders. He denies that the attack was inspired by international terror groups like ISIS.

Wednesday Morning Weather

It’s a bright and sunny start for pretty much the whole country today, and temperatures are slowly getting warmer. The Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI forecasts temps above freezing for the southern half of the country, only dipping below zero along parts of the eastern border, and in Lapland.

FMI morning forecast for Wednesday 11th April 2018 / Credit: FMI