Morning Headlines: Tuesday 30th January 2018

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Transport Workers Join Friday Strike

Trams, trains and most buses in the HSL region will be joining a Friday strike. Commuter trains should still be running as normal on Friday if you’re coming to Helsinki from further afield. The strike action has been called by unions to protest against the government’s new ‘active model’ of unemployment – which cuts benefits to people if they don’t apply for jobs or take a training course within a certain period of time –

New Political Poll

The first political poll since Sunday’s presidential election shows the centre right National Coalition Party as the country’s most popular with 20.9%, up just slightly from last month. The Social Democrats are holding at second place with 20.9% while third mopst popular party is the governing Centre Party of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä with 15.4%. The Greens continue to do well in this survey, fourth most popular at 14.5%. The political fallout from the new ‘active model’ doesn’t seem to have hurt the three party right-of-centre government coalition. The total support for opposition parties has remained virtually unchanged since December. The poll for tabloid newspaper Iltalehti was carried out by Tietoykkönen between 19th and 29th January, involving 1600 people. There is a 2.3% margin of error.

Helsinki / Tampere Train Delays

There’s train delays this morning between Helsinki and Tampere after a work machine went off the rails at Kuurila. The Finnish Transport Agency says they’re not sure when the line will be repaired but so far the operation was going “better than expected” according to Traffic Manager Jorma Laaksonen. If you’re traveling on that route this morning expect delays up to 20 minutes on scheduled services.

Nousiainen Drinking Water Update

Residents in southwest Finland should have access to clean drinking water today after an outbreak of illness in Nousiainen. It started last Thursday and by the weekend several hundred people reported symptoms of fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea. Samples have been taken but officials say they’re not yet sure if it was an outbreak of norovirus or a problem with sewage leaking into the town’s water supply. Correction work is continuing on a sewege pipe that had cracked and where drinking water had been contaminated. On Sunday, residents were urged to boil all their water for drinking and cooking. And on Monday in the centre of Nousiainen clean water was being distributed from a tanker.

Tuesday Morning Weather

That cold snap that meteorologists warned about looks like it’s beginning. Temperatures are below freezing across the whole country at the start of Tuesday according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. In the south, southwest, southeast and the capital city region expect temperatures between -1°C and -6°C. Moving into Central Finland and further north the temperature will be a little colder between -7°C and -9°C while in Lapland the temperature dips down to -10°C at the start of the day. Snow is forecast throughout Finland on Tuesday, and there could be some foggy patches around Vaasa and into southern Lapland as well so be careful on the roads.