Morning Headlines: Tuesday 13th February 2018

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Court Decision In Journalist Search Case

Helsinki District Court is expected to rule today on the case of police searching the home of a Helsingin Sanomat journalist, and whether proceedings should be public, or kept secret. The search happened in mid-December, when National Bureau of Investigation officers searched the journalist’s apartment after she had published decade-old documents about Finland’s intelligence gathering capabilities. According to the newspaper, the search was not legally sound, and the police should have applied for a warrant and come back later. Police say they acted legally, when they responded to reports of a small fire after the journalist tried to destroy a hard drive which police thought might have evidence on it connected to the secret documents. The newspaper’s editors say they stand behind their story. You can read more about the case here.

Government Abandons Family Leave Reform 

The government coalition has abandoned attempts to find common ground on reforming family leave law. The heads of the three coalition parties Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre), Finance Minister Petteri Orpo (NCP) and Europe Minister Sampo Terho (Blue) met on Monday  evening at the PM’s Helsinki resident Kesäranta to try and work out a plan they could all agree on. However, later all three Tweeted the same message “there will be no family leave reform during this legislature session. Unfortunately the common model was not found”. Opposition parties have criticised the decision to leave any reforms until the next parliament session. Read more about the story here.

Health Centre Evacuated In Fire

Firefighters evacuated 12 patients from Taivalkoski Health Centre on Monday evening when a fire broke out. The fire started in a corridor but smoke started to spread and staff sounded the alarm. Three members of staff suffered from smoke inhalation. Patients were moved to other nearby medical facilities in Northern Ostrobothnia, and fireman Marko Kemppainen says it will take some time to clear up the damage to the health centre. Police are investigating the cause of the fire.

Defence Minister Visits Latvia

Defence Minister Jussi Niinistö (Blue) is heading to Latvia today, to participate in the country’s 100th anniversary of independence celebrations. During the visit, he will also meet his Latvian counterpart Raimonds Bergmanis. The ministers are set to discuss regional security issues, and defence cooperation between Finland and Latvia.

Unknown Soldier Closes In On One Million Viewers

Last year’s patriotic movie hit Unknown Soldier has been seen by almost one million people in Finland so far. After weekend showings 998,390 people have watched the film, which charts the story of a group of Finnish soldiers during the Continuation War of 1941 to 1944. The film, by director Aku Louhimies, is the most expensive Finnish film ever made, with a budget of €7 million and it’s already the most-viewed domestic movie since the late 1960s. Unknown Soldier is nominated for ten Jussi Awards – the Finnish version of the Oscars.

Tuesday Morning Weather

It’s warmed up above zero, with the chance of sunshine in the capital region this morning. That’s the forecast from the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. Temperatures will creep above freezing along the south coast. It could be sunny along the Gulf of Bothnia coast and extreme north of Lapland as well. But in most of Lapland the temperatures will be around -10C with snow forecast. There’s snow expected in Central Finland and along the eastern border as well.