Morning Headlines: Friday 9th February 2018

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Finnish Curlers Slide Out Of Olympic Competition

Finland has lost its chances of winning the Olympic curling mixed doubles, a new even at this year’s Winter Games. Oona Kaustee and Tomi Rantamäki suffered a fourth defeat in the competition, which got underway before the official opening ceremonies in Pyeongchang. Finland still has games against Norway, China and the USA but no chance to make it to the playoffs in South Korea.

Late Night Municipal Worker Deal Brokered

A new collective agreement for municipal workers was agreed late Thursday night after negotiations. Salaries will rise by €26 or at least 1.25% at the beginning of May. At the start of 2019, there will be another pay bump of 1.2%. As part of the new deal, paid paternity leave was increased from six days to 12 days. The deal means that an overtime ban by municipal workers which had impacted some services like snow clearing in recent days, will now come to an end.

Soini In America: Finnish Arctic Expertise Is Valued  

Foreign Minister Timo Soini (Blue) says that Finnish Arctic experience is interesting to the United States. He made the comments as he continues a week-long trip to America. Finland is the current chair of the Arctic Council and seeks to share know-how with other Arctic countries like the USA. Expertise could include meteorological cooperation, or selling Finnish ice breaker ships abroad.

Parliament Disruption Explained

A session of parliament was disrupted on Thursday and now we know why. Fourteen people were removed from the gallery after causing a commotion which briefly interrupted proceedings. The protesters were criticizing Turkish actions in Syria against Kurdish forces. They were also protesting against ISIS. The matter is now being handled by police but parliament officials say in future, visitors to the gallery will be screened and not allowed to go inside with bags or coats.

Friday Morning Weather

Friday starts a little more mild across the whole country, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. In Lapland, the extreme cold weather of recent days is gone although temperatures are still down to -10C. In Central Finland, and the west coast, some snow is forecast with temperatures as low as -8C. Meanwhile in the south and capital city region, there’s a cloudy start to the morning with temperatures at -4C.