Morning Headlines: Friday 16th March 2018

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Bronze For Suur-Hamari In Pyeongchang

Finnish snowboarder Matti Suur-Hamari has won a bronze metal in the men’s slalom championship at the Paralympic Winter Games in Pyongchang. It’s the snowboarder’s second medal of the games, he already struck gold on Monday in the snowboard cross competition. The 29-year-old had his leg amputated below the knee after a motorbike accident, and is competing at his second Paralympic Winter Games.

Help For Human Trafficking Victims

A new report this morning says victims of human trafficking in Finland don’t always receive the help they are legally entitled to. The investigation was carried out by the United Nations Human Rights Commission and the European Criminal Policy Institute, after examining dozens of cases of human trafficking in Finland. The report finds there are particular problems in municipalities, where local authorities might not be sufficiently aware of the law which guarantees victims of human trafficking a special status as recipients of municipal services.

More Talks To End Financial Sector Dispute

Talking continue today to try and find a solution to the long-running dispute in Finland’s financial sector. The last attempt to settle the dispute ended in failure two weeks ago. The disagreements are about terms and conditions for staff working weekends. There have already been two days of strikes by bank staff that closed hundreds of branches across the country, and now employees are threatening a new wave of strikes to start at the end of March, and continue into April, if no agreement is found. The last collective labour agreement for the financial sector ran out at the end of November.

Tampere Battle Anniversary

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the battle of Tampere during the Finnish Civil War. The fighting in 1918 lasted for more than three weeks, and was the largest clash of the conflict. At the time, Tampere was Finland’s main industrial centre, with a large working class population and became a stronghold of Red forces. White troops launched their attack on towns and villages around Tampere and slowly moved towards the city. Even after Red forces collapsed, they tried to hold parts of Tampere from the invading White forces. Reds surrendered on April 9th. After the battle was over, up to ten thousand Red troops were held in prison camps, and there were large numbers of summary executions of Red soldiers by White forces.

Friday Morning Weather

It’s another bright and sunny clear day across pretty much the whole of the country, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. But it’s also rather cold! In the south, south west and capital city region expect temperatures as low as -13°C this morning. Even Åland will hit -10°C at the start of the day. Along the eastern border more sunshine and temperatures around -11°C while Central Finland could see some snow flurries in places. In Lapland, the temperatures drops down to -20°C with the chance of snow.