Midsummer Headlines: Friday 22nd June 2018

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Midsummer Travel & Closures

Travel continues today for the Midsummer holidays, as many Finns leave the cities and head to countryside. Thursday was the busiest travel day but today roads are also expected to be busy, especially in the morning. Shops, services and transport are all impacted by Midsummer. Expect Alko, post offices and government services to be closed today. Many stores will have limited opening hours. Public transport runs with reduced services.

Strong Winds Causing Problems 

Electricity companies are preparing for power outages caused by Midsummer storms. Around 4000 households in Central Finland, North Savo and Kainuu are without power this morning after high winds overnight cut power lines. Meteorologist Sini Tenhunen says that winds are strong enough to bring down trees in many areas, and there’s a forest fire warning in place for Åland. Strong winds at sea are causing some rough waves in all areas except for the most northern part of the Bay of Bothnia.

Elderly Woman Drowns In Jalasjärvi

Rescue workers say an elderly woman has drowned in Jalasjärvi in South Ostrobothnia. Emergency services got a call on Thursday evening and responded to the scene on Kisatie beach which has a dock and places to swim. They pulled the woman from the water and tried to revive her on the spot but were not successful. The woman’s clothes and bike were left nearby, and Vaasa police are asking anyone with information about the woman to get in touch.

Midsummer Weather

After weeks of warm sunny weather, of course at Midsummer things take a turn for the worse. There’s rainfall across many parts of the country today, and winds gusting over 21 metres per second. The wind intensifies this afternoon in Central Finland as well. Most of the rain is in the western part of the country with thunder expected during the day. Heavier rain arrives in Oulu in the afternoon and moves north as well. The warmest parts of Finland are in the east with up to +20C expected. In the south the highest temperature is just +16C but the winds will make it feel cooler. And the top temperature in Lapland is +10C.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Midsummer morning, Friday 22nd June 2018 / Credit: FMI