Prosecutor Demands Four Years For Mikkeli Arson

Damage to the apartment building costs an estimated €100,000.

File photo of Etelä-Savo fire truck / Credit: Etelä-Savon pelastuslaitos Facebook

A prosecutor in South Savo is demanding four years in prison for a man accused of arson.

The Mikkeli man is charged with setting a fire in a building in February by lighting gasoline at the entrance to an apartment.

A man and woman who lived in the apartment were asleep at the time, but woke up when the fire alarm sounded. They had to jump to safety from their balcony and received hospital treatment for injuries.

There were more than 20 people in the apartment building a the time, and five suffered minor injuries.

According to the prosecutor, the accused man tried to start a fire at the entrance to another apartment but it didn’t catch.

The targeted apartment was gutted in the blaze, and several other homes suffered smoke and water damage. Court documents reveal the housing company was left with a €100,000 bill for the damage to the building.